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Multiple Scholarship Estimator
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Helping independent college counselors estimate the out-of-pocket
cost for their students planning to attend college

Multiple Scholarship Estimator for Independent College Counselors

Are you helping your students to make strategic financial decisions? Do you want them to feel confident in their decisions? Are they overwhelmed by the complexity of college financial aid? Which scholarships are worth applying for? Which ones would most benefit a student who has a specific career goal or course of study? 

Well, we are sure as a college counselor you can guide them but it is a tedious, time-taking, and complex process, not easy for students and families to understand.
With mSE (multiple scholarship estimator) Private/ Independent College Counselors can help their students and families to compare the financial aid available at various colleges. Guide them on how to make strategic college financial decisions so students and their families can plan their college finance and become financially independent after college. The mSE tool makes planning for college easy by helping users (counselors and students) compare financial aid available at their selected colleges in an easy-to-understand tabulated format.

College financial aid covers more than just scholarships and grants. Use this mSE tool to get an estimate of your total cost of attendance at the college your student are considering. The rules and award letters (format) around college financial aid can be very confusing. This tool also helps you understand the costs of going to college better.

We provide an apples-to-apples comparison, and the process is not confusing or time-consuming. The ‘Top Five List’ is an essential tool for high school counselors who help students plan for college and determine their top five choices.

How does Top5 Colleges work?

Complete Student's Profile

Register and provide your basic information with demographic details. Compute Expected Family Contribution.

Fill Academic Performance

Fill your high school academic performance and entrance test scores with desired field of study.

Select Your Colleges

Select colleges/ universities in your desired field. Choose from the list of colleges across multiple states.

Compare Scholarship

Get the fee details and financial aid offered by the colleges. Compare and plan for your financial success.

Customers Testimonials

Susan Basil King
President & CEO, Wallin Education Partners
Top5 by Virtue Analytics is a breakthrough tool to improve college access and success. A great tool for applicants to upload their financial aid letters and get an accurate comparison of the financial aid.
Matt C.
(EVP, Enrollment Services)
Working with Virtue Analytics we have seen our Net Tuition Revenue increase, we have seen our partnership grow along the way, and find opportunities that we didn't see, but data has been able to find in this past year. I strongly encourage you to consider Virtue Analytics and the VIRTUE Platform yourself, it has been a great partnership for us here in Arkansas.
Andrew E
(Director IR)
The leadership and team of data scientists at Virtue have been tremendous to work with from kickoff call to product delivery. They are innately curious, abundantly competent, and invariably cheerful. Their work has given us confidence in our decision-making and revealed areas of necessary improvement. In large part due to their work, we've been able to increase our average net tuition revenue 11% over last year.
Jon F
Virtue Analytics tackled our difficult problem of understanding our current and future markets. They brought forth an extremely high quality of analysis and helped us achieve our goals with network modeling. They are a top-tier startup boutique consulting company and work with utmost sincerity and client dedication. We found them to be a team of hard-working, intelligent professionals, who went above and beyond on every aspect of the project. I will strongly recommend Virtue Analytics to other companies

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