• Plan Your

    College Financial Success

    Are You and Your Family Worried about the
    Cost of the College? Are You not sure about the
    Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid you will
    receive at various colleges and universities?
    With the Top 5 Colleges' 
    Multiple Scholarship Estimator Tool,
    we are here to help Students & Parents,
    and Counselors plan for  College Finance
    and be Financial Independent after College.

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Top 5 College List and the multiple scholarship estimator provides high school students and their families an easy way to compare financial-aid across multiple colleges and universities. Offering, easy financial-aid estimates and time-saving, opportunities for students to take a single survey, and they compare what amount of financial aid they can potentially receive across hundreds of colleges and universities.

How does Top 5 Colleges work?

Student's Profile

Register and provide your basic information with demographic details along with Expected Family Contribution.

Fill Academic Performance

Fill your high school academics performance and Entrance test score with desired fields of study you want to pursue.

Select 5 Colleges

Select the Top 5 Colleges of your interested field where you want to apply. Choose from the list of States and Colleges.

Compare Scholarship 

Get the fee detail and  financial aid offered by the colleges. Compare and Plan for your College Journey.

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Students & Parents

College Financial 
Planning made easy 

With Top 5 Colleges scholarship estimator tool High School students can get personalized Financial Scholarship Aid report based on their merit and Expected Family Contribution.  You can save time, effort, and confusion with this easy-to-use tool. Students and families can compare various colleges' financial aids and plan the college finance. 

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High School Counselors and Educators

Plan the Best Future for 
Your Students

Help your students to compare the financial aids available at various colleges based on their merit. Guide them on how to make strategic college financial decisions so they and their families can become financially independent of college debts.

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Financial Institutions

Want to become our Partner?

With the Top 5 Colleges' multiple scholarship estimator tool, you can help your customers and borrowers to plan their college funds strategically. This tool will help your customers anticipate their college costs and compare their financial aid for merit-based scholarships available at various colleges of their choice.

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Want to compare the Financial Aid provided by the Top 5 Colleges of your choice? 

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